Thursday, 1 August 2013


I have just come back from ten days in France and I've been to the most amazing place! I hope you are ready for a picture heavy post... This place I visited was so full of mystery...
decaying beauty...
...and otherworldly atmosphere...
All I can say, if you ever find yourself near Lyon in France you have to go and see the Museum of Miniatures and Cinema. The countless shadow boxes on display there are the best I have ever seen. For example this attic room:
Or these modern loft apartments:

And of course the stunning work by Ronan-Jim Sevellec!

I had seen his work online before, but being able to almost get into these scenes and photograph the details was such an amazing experience.

And then there was also a room totally dedicated to a collection of miniature objects. Some of my favourites were the perfectly to scale toothbrush (including real bristles!) and the amazingly detailed tools by Adam Pascal.

And right at the end of the exhibition was the best surprise for me - a beautifully messy hippy room!

There are lots more photos on my Flickr. Enjoy!