Sunday, 6 March 2011


Last week I went to Berlin and found these amazing Lundby pieces in a junk shop. They came with a two room Lundby house, which I believe is the ground floor of the "Post Order House" shown here. Does anyone know more about it?
I love the reduced colour palette of the walls, floors and furniture.
Over the years I have collected a few pieces of 1:16 furniture but this is my very first scene in a smaller scale. I think I'm hooked...


  1. Great find, lovely pics! And I think you are absolutely correct on the Post Order House. If you look at the 1967 Lundby catalogue on you will see that the floors were sold separately, ad it shows your furniture too. Nice to see some scenes on your blog!

  2. Hi Annina!
    Great pics! I like the couch!

  3. Thanks, Kay!

    Thanks for the link callsmall - I wish I had the second floor and that roof terrace!

    LIsa - I have admired the sofa on your blog for a long time and was so happy to find it in this little shop.

  4. looks lovely- lucky find!

  5. Hi again! I have a blogger friend who is going to Berlin in May -- any chance you can recall the name and whereabouts of the shop where you found these treasures?? ;)

  6. Hi callsmall! It really was just a junk shop and this was the only doll's house stuff I could see - but it's worth a try. I've e-mailed you a link to Google maps.

  7. I have just posted pictures of similar chairs on my blog! now I know who made these great items. Thank you. Lizzie

  8. It would be sooo nice if you could get hooked on the 1:16 scale as well :-)

    I have that red sofa (infact three of them) and some of those red chairs, but in white and yellow. I think that's one of my favourite Lundby periods! Great buy!

  9. Hi Annina,

    the old Lundby furnitures are great -
    I´m happy to own some of them,
    like the same red sofa, the shelf
    & parts of the kitchen -
    but never found a shop with things like this
    when I`ve been in Berlin...

    Best wishes,

  10. Your work is amazing!! Congratulations