Saturday, 8 May 2010


I've finally found the time to go and visit the Brighton Toy and Model Museum today. My main mission was to find Rebecca's grandmother's doll's houses. I found two of them, but unfortunately they were really high up and not lit properly, so the photos are not great. But it was lovely to be able to see them in real.

There was also this dolls' house but I don't think this was one of Rebecca's grandmother's ones.

My favourite part was this cabinet - not technically dolls' houses but very inspiring!


  1. Thank you, Annina! No, I don't think the third dolls house was my grandmother's. Some of hers must have been put away! But it's nice to see that the Hobbies and the Triang Princess are still on display.
    The building sets are fantastic! I have heard of Bayko, but not of Brickplayer, and I haven't seen those Triang building sets either. I'd love to get some more building sets, so I'll look out for these.
    Thanks again! Rebecca xx

  2. Ist es nicht einfach wundervoll, wie die Netze zwischen uns allen und sogar den vorangegangenen Generationen gesponnen sind über die ganze Welt! Ich bin berührt.

  3. Great houses, especially the Triang Princess house.

  4. Good Lord! I am not that far from Brighton and I didn't even know this museum existed!
    I am so glad you've shared this.Thank you!

  5. Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog!!!
    Me parece muy interesante y con bellos trabajos
    besitos ascension

  6. Thank you for taking us on this tour with you. Neat to see Rebecca's ancestral home. CM